01 April 2008

Yes, Fun!

As everyone who knows me (and most of the people who read my blogs) know, book promotion makes me hyperventilate. I don't know why. Every time I finish breathing into the paper bag and enter the bookstore, I have a wonderful time!
This last flurry of activity was no exception.
This is me in beautiful, downtown St. George. Or not. One woman informed me quite pointedly that the St. George Seagull Book in which I sat is actually in Washington, Utah. Wherever it is, the store is beautiful and its staff is super-organized and all-around wonderful. My daughter made a frame for this picture on which she painted "Dreams do come true." Along with my publisher, who I adore, it's the people who sell my books -- and especially the people who buy them! -- who make those dreams come true. I couldn't possibly be more grateful to you all!

You probably can't see it, but just behind This Just In is a card with a little superhero figure on it. A dear, dear friend brought it in and it hasn't been out of my sight since. Doni and a couple of fantabulous women who came in with all my books really made the day for me!

My next stop was in Orem -- and I'm pretty sure it was Orem. When I walked in, Julie, the cute blonde in the middle of this picture, was already there. She'd driven four hours from Idaho, presumably to make Betsy Brannon Green and I feel better about ourselves than mere authors really have a right to! As if meeting Julie at last and spending time with Betsy wasn't enough, I also met Pat, another close e-pal. (I'd have met her husband if she'd told me he was in the car.) It was beyond doubt as much joy as you can pack into one hour . . . without being on the beach.

Redwood Seagull is one of my favorite places on the planet because it's the store that fills the orders for all us poor, LDS-bookstore-sansless schmoes in the "mission field." Besides being all-around terrific the whole time, these three ladies got together as I left and recited: Romper, Stomper, Bomper, BOO! Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, did Kerry Blair have fun today?
Oh my gosh. Never more fun, let me tell you! Thanks so much, ladies! That experience went down in my gratitude journal -- twice! You're the best!

This is me at the Family Center Seagull with author Jeri Gilchrist (left) and two more dear friends, Kyle and Jaq. Jeri isn't doing the signing thing right now, but look for her before Christmas! Her newest novel, Shadow of the Crown, will be out September 1. I got a sneak peak and, people, it's amazing! Run, do not walk, to the nearest bookstore come September 2. I've already pre-ordered.

I have to skip a couple of signings now because my "official photographer" checked into the hotel to get ready for the Whitneys, but I loved every minute I spent at West Jordan (where Liz, et al, brought me flowers --which are still gorgeous) and South Towne (where I finally met Rob Ficur) as well! More great people at really terrific stores!

So, this is me last weekend with Peggy, manager extraordinaire of the Seagull Book in Mesa, Arizona. I have a lot of Dorothy in me, you know. No matter where I go or who I meet along the way, there's really no place like home. Mesa is home and it was such a joy to see all the wonderful people there. (I can't name them all this time because I'd miss somebody for sure. But I so appreciated all the support and hugs and lovely gifts. Personal thank you cards to follow, guys, I swear!) I also met Traci Hunter Abramson which was way fun, albeit expensive. My daughter and I are her biggest fans!
This Saturday is my last public appearance until May. I'll be at the Deseret Book in Glendale, Arizona from 5 - 7 p.m. for Ladies Night. I'd love to see/meet anybody and everybody who's in the neighborhood!


Julie Wright said...

that looks like so dang much fun!!! I have little mini nervous breakdowns before signings too, but I alsways walk away glad I went. Funny how we are.

Nancy said...

I agree! Jittery before signings and then have a great time! I loved your pictures, Kerry. And I hope you kept that Counting Blessings poster you're holding at the Mesa store!


Pat said...

Kerry, thank you for the mention. It was definitely the highlight of my year to meet you and Betsy! I'm so thankful that I went! One would never guess how nervous you were - you are a natural!
Best wishes,

Cheri J. Crane said...

Have a wonderful time tonight, talented lady. ;) Wish I could be there to join in the fun.

Tristi Pinkston said...

How much fun you had! I would have been at that Orem signing, had I not also been getting ready for the Whitneys!