09 June 2008

I Won!

Finding myself with 3 1/2 minutes of spare computer time this weekend, I spent it over on Karlene Browning's INKSPLASHER blog. (Love that place!) She was taking votes for the fabulous UB fragrance to wear on a cross-country trip that started today. You know me -- I have an opinion on everything, so I simply had to urge her to wear my personal favorite. These were the choices:

1. Sunshine and Pomegranate—
Grapefruit 2, Mandarin 1, Pomegranate 1. This smells like sunshine. It's sweet and fun and very fruity. I nicknamed it "I Died and Went to Heaven." I've burned it in my oil warmer a LOT.

2. Summerhaven—Pomegranate 4, Grapefruit 8, Cinnamon 1. This one is similar to the first fragrance but the cinnamon gives it a little depth and mystery. It also has more grapefruit (which makes people think you look 10 years younger). I wear this fragrance a lot and it never fails to make me smile.

3. Maui Pear—
Pina Colada 2, Pear 1, Coconut 3. McKenna was wearing this one day and I wanted to lick her arm. It smells so good and reminds me of the beach. When I burn this in my warmer it makes me want to dance.

I almost chose Summerhaven because of the ten-years-younger thing, but my heart has been yearning for the beach so I picked Maui Pear. Honestly, I didn't realize it was a contest, but it
was, and I WON it! (Insert applause.)

No, I don't know
what I won, but I won something and I'm thrilled. Being the type that fills out every entry slip at the County Fair, rushes home with bottle tops in hand to log on for cash and/or merchandise, and carefully considers every offer from Mr. Abdul Shimerwhymererken of the little-known country of Abduristan, you'd think I'd be buried alive in cash and merchandise by now. But, no. I do believe this is the first contest I've ever won. Wow.

You can win, too! Karlene has lots more going on over there. Check it out.


Karlene said...

Hi Kerry. You won a Maui Pear parfum spray, which I will mail to you as soon as I get back home.

And since you blogged about my trip, you're now entered in the "Blog About Our Road Trip Contest"—-so you might win that one too. :)

Kerry Blair said...

I entered ANOTHER contest without knowing it? See why I love this woman?!

Thanks, Karlene!

Rebecca Talley said...

Woo hoo for you, Kerry. Congrats!

Karlene's scents are wonderful.

Pat said...

Congrats Kerry (and those scents sound divine!)
Love the new fresh look of your blog!

Julie Wright said...

karlene rocks!!!!! Congrats :)

Karlene said...

Hi Kerry. We're home from our road trip and getting all the prizes ready for shipping. E-mail me your snail mail address. And thanks for playing.

Karlene & Megan

P.S. We still have a couple of contests going until the 19th. Come play some more. :)

Candace E. Salima said...

Congratulations, Kerry. I absolutely adore the Urban Botanics products. Their fragrance is my absolute favorite, it goes on like silk. I went and created my scent, calling it Whisper. It's Jasmine with a hint of Garden Mint and Egyptian Musk. I adore it! You'll love whatever you get.

Thanks for your comment on my Facebook page about the video on my book, Forged in the Refiner's Fire. If you still want to post it on your blog drop me an email and I'll help you.

Hope you're doing great.

Tristi Pinkston said...

You will love it, Kerry!

Hey, I wanted to let you know, I gave copies of "Counting Blessings" for Mother's Day and for my sisters' birthdays. You were a big hit!