10 June 2008


LDS Fiction, a sister-site of LDS Publisher, started a Summer Book Trek. I'm not sure where we're going, but judging by the umbrella and the book, it's going to be a (beach) ball getting there! Here's my initial list, but don't hold me to it. I'll probably add a dozen more before August. (At least.)

Farworld: Water Keep ~ J. Scott Savage (ARC)
A Modest Proposal ~ Michele Ashman Bell
Shadow of the Crown ~ Jeri Gilchrist
Journey of the Heart ~ W. Dave Free
All's Fair ~ Julie Coulter Bellon


Jennie said...

Kerry, your link to your list over on LDS Publisher doesn't work.

Kerry Blair said...

Thanks, Jennie!

Help! I printed out the directions so I could follow them perfectly. I did everything as instructed -- including cutting-and-pasting the address as it appeared when I clicked on the headline.

This new cyber-world is so frustrating and confusing! Unless somebody has a Plan B, I guess I'll delete the post and wave good-bye as you all trek on without me!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Great list, Kerry!

And don't give up -- send me your codes and I'll go in and fix it.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Happy trails as you commence on this book trek. Sounds like fun.

LDS Publisher said...

Thanks for joining the Summer Book Trek. I fixed your link. Don't feel bad. You would not believe some of the mistakes I made when I first started blogging. You've got a good list. Looking forward to your reviews.

Karlene said...

Hi Kerry. We're trekking together. I vote for a trek to the beach. :)

I just finished Farworld. Liked it. I'm going to wait to do my official review in July for Jeff's book tour. I'm looking forward to Julie's new book too. We've been friends for years and she's going to let me review her book even though I'm an avowed romance hater.

Karlene said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, I'm hosting my second annual Summer Reading Thing over on my blog. It starts this Friday, June 20th. The rules are similar to this one, very easy and you can use this same book list to double your chance at prizes. Hope you'll join me.